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Digital Tutors - 'Infiltrator' Production Pipeline Volume 5 : Animation

Description : Free Download Digital Tutors – ‘Infiltrator’ Production Pipeline Volume 5: Animation + Project files English | FLV | 782×646 | VP6 10... 4.5
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Free Download
Digital Tutors – ‘Infiltrator’ Production Pipeline Volume 5: Animation + Project files
English | FLV | 782×646 | VP6 1024Kbps | AAC 96Kbps | 1.8GB

In this course we will take the rigged Infiltrator and bring it to life with animation. We’ll animate the Infiltrator with a production focus, using storyboards and an animatic to assist us in making sure our animation adheres to specific instructions.

We’ll get into character development and learn how to go about creating performances that are convincing and, at the same time, entertaining. We’ll even do a little rigging and learn how to work with Maya’s robust and very efficient Referencing system to update the control rig and, in turn, automatically have those changes update in our animation file saving us plenty of time.
Lesson Outline (25 lessons):
01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. Preparing the Match-moved scene for animation
03. The benefits of referencing files
04. Understanding the story concept
05. Beginning to block out the animation
06. Finishing the first extreme pose and blocking in the next two extremes
07. Blocking the Infiltrator movements
08. Completing the blocking of the area scan
09. Wrapping up the first blocking pass
10. Adding a second blocking pass
11. Smoothing out the animation
12. Building a visibility switch to hide the Infiltrator’s legs
13. Fine-tuning the upper body
14. Animating a build-up to the Infiltrator’s fluttering action
15. Fluttering the Infiltrator’s larger shells
16. Fluttering the smaller shells
17. Tweaking the head and arms
18. Bringing the attention back to the legs
19. Modifying the motion of the front right leg
20. Adjusting the front left leg
21. Correcting the motion of the middle right leg
22. Tweaking the middle left leg
23. Fine-tuning the back right leg
24. Modifying the back left leg
25. Wrapping up the animation

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