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Illustrator CS5 One-on-One Fundamentals Free Download

Description : Art Gallery | Illustrator CS5 One-on-One Fundamentals Description : adobe Illustrator adalah standar vektor grafis program yang ... 4.5
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Art Gallery | Illustrator CS5 One-on-One Fundamentals
Description :
adobe Illustrator adalah standar vektor grafis program yang dalam dan kompleks. Untungnya, tidak ada yang tahu perangkat lunak seperti pemenang penghargaan buku dan video Deke McClelland penulis. Join Deke saat ia mengeksplorasi fitur yang sangat diperlukan seperti artboards, lapisan, line art, transformasi, dan tool Pen. Mendapatkan keahlian dengan dunia nyata yang masuk akal.  
Latihan file menyertai kursus topik meliputi:
  • Creating great art using basic tools
  • Brushing and building organic artwork
  • Scaling and rotating path outlines
  • Creating and formatting text
  • Drawing articulated paths with the Pen tool
  • Combining paths with Pathfinder operations
  • Printing and exporting to the web
 Table Of Content :
  • Welcome to Illustrator CS5 One-on-One
  • Linking AI and EPS files to Illustrator
  • Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts
  • Remapping OS shortcuts
  • Installing the Best Workflow color settings
  • The color settings explained
  • Preserve Numbers vs. Embedded Profiles
1. Making a Document
  • Managing artboards
  • The Welcome screen
  • Creating a new document
  • Advanced document controls
  • Saving a custom New Document profile
  • Modifying a document and its setup
  • Changing the size and shape of an artboard
  • Hidden artboard editing techniques
  • Exiting and entering the Artboard mode
  • Using the new Artboards panel
  • Auto-arranging artboards
  • Rulers and artboards
  • Saving a native AI document
  • Closing all open documents
2. Navigation and the Workspace
  • Getting around artwork
  • Zooming a document and its artboards
  • Using tools to zoom and pan
  • Navigating numerically and from a panel
  • Using the Page Up and Page Down keys
  • Scroll wheel tricks
  • The tabbed-window interface
  • Closing all but one document
  • Displaying and organizing panels
  • Saving a custom workspace
  • Hiding the bounding box
  • Keyboard increments
  • Type, units, and scratch disks
  • User interface and "rich black"
  • Cycling between screen modes
3. Opening Documents and Getting Organized
  • Illustrator's partner, Adobe Bridge
  • Opening a document
  • Adding copyright and metadata information
  • Scaling your artwork for Bridge
  • Aligning artwork to the artboards
  • Introducing Adobe Bridge
  • File-type associations
  • Navigating folders and using the Path bar
  • Previewing and collecting
  • Customizing the Bridge workspace
  • Thumbnails and star ratings
  • Filtering images and the Compact view
4. Basic Line Art
  • Everything is anything
  • Meet the line tools
  • Introducing the Layers panel
  • Saving large layer previews
  • Creating custom guides
  • Duplicating and positioning guides
  • Creating a heart using arcs
  • Adjusting control handles
  • Joining multiple paths at once
  • Reflecting across a vertical axis
  • Drawing a target with the Polar Grid tool
  • Pasting one drawing inside another
  • Drawing a line segment
  • Constrain, Clone, and Distribute
  • Reflecting across a horizontal axis
  • Rotate, Fill, and Stack
  • Using the Artboard Options dialog box
  • Drawing a looping spiral
  • Establishing a set of tracing objects
  • Tracing a template layer
  • Converting a curved path into a guide
  • Selecting similar objects
5. Geometric Shapes
  • The anatomy of a path
  • Meet the shape tools
  • Creating a full-blown tracing layer
  • Using the Ellipse and Scale tools
  • The Preview and Outline modes
  • Creating a compound path
  • Drawing a multi-point star
  • Creating and previewing a sublayer
  • Adding and using a center point
  • Drawing rounded rectangles
  • Using Move to "split the difference"
  • Aligning to a key object
  • The constraint axes
  • The Polygon tool and the Add Anchor Points command
  • Positioning points with the Scale tool
  • Previewing artwork on a non-white page
  • Solving strange blending problems
  • Transparency grid and paper color
  • Using the Flare tool
  • The top-secret tilde key trick
6. Fill, Stroke, and Color
  • Painting artwork from life
  • Tracing a photograph
  • Placing a photographic template
  • Draw, Move, and Duplicate
  • Scaling along the constraint axes
  • Rotating and duplicating
  • Using the Blob Brush tool
  • Pressure-sensitive input
  • Alternating Blob Brush and Eraser
  • Using the Shape Builder tool
  • Cleaning up Shape Builder leftovers
  • Subtracting with the Shape Builder
  • Coloring with the Shape Builder
  • Reflecting across an angled axis
  • Finishing a symmetrical design
  • Establishing design groups
  • When to rotate vs. reflect
  • Simulating beveled edges
  • Removing overlapping segments
7. Edit and Transform
  • The Three S's of Illustrator
  • Making a new window into a document
  • Assigning colors to fill and stroke
  • The Document Color mode
  • The Hide and Show commands
  • Introducing the Stroke panel
  • Cap, Join, and Miter Limit
  • Saving and reverting multiple views
  • Filling open paths, None, and Swap
  • Lifting a color and creating a swatch
  • Managing color swatches
  • Assigning a swatch with the Eyedropper
  • Filling paths inside groups
  • Adjusting the stacking order
  • Paste in Front and Paste in Back
  • Working in the Group Isolation mode
  • Trapping colors with rich blacks
  • Combining multiple fills
  • Creating a tile pattern
  • Aligning dashes to endpoints and corners
  • Defining a two-stroke dot pattern
  • The new CS5 arrowheads
  • Creating a callout line
  • Varying line weight with the Width tool
  • Width tool tips and tricks
  • Saving a variable-width profile
8. Working with Type
  • Next-generation text
  • Making a margin guide
  • Offsetting flush-left text
  • Moving and duplicating guides
  • Placing and threading text
  • Selecting words and lines of text
  • Working with point text
  • Tips for previewing and assigning fonts
  • Incrementally adjusting type size
  • Leading a paragraph indent
  • Pair kerning and tracking
  • Laying down base formatting attributes
  • Hanging indent and paragraph spacing
  • Creating a paragraph style
  • Redefining paragraph styles
  • Using the Glyphs panel
  • Spell-checking text
  • The stuff Check Spelling doesn't catch
  • Copying and applying a graphic style
  • Selecting through text objects
  • Offset Path and Scribble effects
  • Updating a graphic style
  • Creating type on a path
  • Attaching type to a closed path
  • Adjusting baseline shift
  • Tracking and kerning border elements
  • Filling and duplicating a border

9. Using the Pen Tool
  • Connecting the dots
  • Drawing a straight-sided path
  • Moving and deleting points
  • Editing a path as you go
  • Switching arrow tools on the fly
  • Dragging, nudging, and marqueeing
  • Faking a spline curve
  • Adding corners to a spline
  • Introducing Bézier curves
  • Drawing perfect smooth points
  • How control handles work
  • Tracing a smooth path outline
  • Connecting smooth and cusp points
  • Combining different varieties of points
  • Finessing points and segments
  • Aligning open paths
  • Splitting and joining paths
  • Converting a spline curve to Bézier
  • Cusp points and miter limits
  • Using the Convert Point tool
  • Drawing one path inside another
  • Stacking clipped paths
  • Copying and repurposing segments
  • Grabbing and transforming a whole layer
10. Pathfinder Operations
  • Building art upon art upon art
  • Introducing Pathfinder operations
  • Unite closed, join open
  • Creating a dynamic compound shape
  • Switching shape modes
  • Adding to a compound shape
  • Creating a static compound path
  • Comparing compound shapes with compound paths
  • Drawing limbs with the Line tool
  • Establishing hierarchical strokes
  • Filling "elbow gaps" and tapering limbs
  • Outline Stroke and Unite
  • Making a guide in the shape of a tree
  • The Blob Brush goes organic
  • Painting in the foliage
  • Filling in and erasing away
  • Painting more precise holes
  • Adding in rough edges
  • Contouring roots and limbs
  • Filling in the limbs
  • Uniting a compound silhouette
  • Using the Divide operation
  • Creating nested compound shapes
11. Printing a Document
  • The pleasures of printing
  • Working with specialty fonts and effects
  • Converting type to outlines
  • Linking and embedding images
  • Setting trim size and bleed
  • Stroking a placed image
  • Filling in your bleeds
  • Assigning automatic crop marks
  • Spot color and Separation Preview
  • Troubleshooting weak blacks
  • The General Print options
  • Placement, scale, and tiling
  • Trim and printer marks
  • PostScript-only output options
  • The obscure Graphics options
  • Managing the CMYK conversion process
  • Predicting how colors will print
  • Managing the RGB conversion process
  • Overprint and Transparency Flattener
  • Warnings and document raster
12. Exporting to the Web (and Elsewhere)
  • Illustrator goes international
  • Saving a PDF-compatible AI file
  • Saving a PDF file with printer marks
  • Saving an illustration for the web
  • Aligning paths to the pixel grid
  • Making better type for the web
  • Saving a continuous-tone JPEG image
  • The artwork anti-aliasing options
  • Optimizing a low-color graphic
  • Saving a high-contrast GIF
  • The versatile PNG format
  • Saving a full-color PNG
  • Saving a scalable SWF graphic
  • Rasterizing AI files in Photoshop
  • Placing an AI Smart Object
  • Exporting to Photoshop layers
  • Exporting to Microsoft Office and PowerPoint

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