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Photoshop Compositing Secrets Ebook

Description : Free Download Photoshop Compositing Secrets Ebook There’s no escaping the fact that compositing is all around us; from amazingly deta... 4.5
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Free Download
Photoshop Compositing Secrets Ebook
There’s no escaping the fact that compositing is all around us; from amazingly detailed posters advertising the latest Blockbuster Movie to simply moving someone from one picture into another it’s something more and more people are becoming interested in trying.
The skill in compositing lies in making the final image look realistic and believable and that requires a thorough understanding of the whole process from setting up the right lighting and taking the initial photograph, making selections/cutouts and then finally combining all the elements together using Photoshop.
Now this may all sound like hard work and you may be thinking you just haven’t got the time to learn the skills necessary but stick with me because I’ve a feeling that you may well have a change of mind pretty soon…
Hot off the press is ‘Compositing Secrets’, the new book by Professional Photographer and Photoshop Guru Matt Kloskowski

Now I’ve had my own copy for a few days and I can honestly say that I feel this is going to quickly become ‘the’ book on compositing; let me explain…
I can’t even begin to guess how long Matt must have taken to put this book together. You see the book covers 15 seperate and completely different composites but more than that Matt takes you through every single step involved.
Starting at the photo shoot Matt not only covers the lighting techniques and lens choices but also covers the all important but often overlooked details that go a long way into making the composite … wait for it … realistic!

The book is made up of 16 Chapters with 15 different compositing projects so there really is something for everyone…
  • Chapter 1: Selection Secrets
  • Chapter 2: Basic Composite
  • Chapter 3: Creating Motion
  • Chapter 4: Senior Portrait
  • Chapter 5: Professional Office
  • Chapter 6: Family/Group Portrait
  • Chapter 7: Studio Sports Portrait
  • Chapter 8: Live Concert
  • Chapter 9: Multiple-Exposure Photo
  • Chapter 10: Movie Poster
  • Chapter 11: Unltra-Grungy/Edgy HDR Background
  • Chapter 12: Sports Template
  • Chapter 13: Single-Photo Composite
  • Chapter 14: One Person, Multiple Poses
  • Chapter 15: Adding Illustration
  • Chapter 16: Advanced Commercial Compositing
Paperback: 408 Pages
ISBN-10: 0321808231
ISBN-13: 978-0321808233
Currently priced at £26.09 from Amazon UK
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