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Ron s Brush Collection The Bundle for Photoshop

Description : Free Download Ron s Brush Collection The Bundle for Photoshop - 3,35GB - This is a very practical set of tools in Photoshop is a selec... 4.5
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Free Download
Ron s Brush Collection The Bundle for Photoshop
- 3,35GB -

This is a very practical set of tools in Photoshop is a selection of brushes (pen) and PSD files for users to have respected.
The same factors that have made ??the best of the series:
- High quality brushes and patterns for print jobs with a resolution of 300dpi +

- A variety of topics and the various items in each category
- Named and classified according to type using the correct brushes and patterns
- Explain how to use a brush to brush some of the like (the fire and flames)
- New views of the brush (which is a non-recurring)
In this series, more than 50 files, brushes and PSD files are available in nearly 100 different categories are based on relevance.
If you set the Access Pattern to a number that has been set as described below.
- Create a brush with the relevant line of dirt and scratches and Dirt & Grit
- To use the pen and Blend-mode in Photoshop is very natural images and video effects like a professional graphic artist in the work you create. This item is very high quality printing and so on can also be used.
- A set of brushes to create works of art, which combines a variety of geometric shapes and images for use in corners and frames are used.
- A collection of 140 different birds as they can from their pens to add detail to a beautiful picture of nature, or even use a GUI.
- Fonts for creating the Bokeh Focus point out where the cameras are used. Disintegration of the items in the production of dyes, water, drops and ... Can use.
- A set of brushes with the relevant water which can not produce water. Of stagnant water or roaring
- A set of 60 items with the relevant Network) WEB (which allow you to produce the fantasy scenes.
- A set of pen and Ptrnhay stone, iron, and made ??hard surfaces. It is also very extensive use of special effects, the graphics are variable.
- 2 font set (left and corrosion-line) for a variety of Turks today by many of the graphic artist to create attractive graphics is used in the project.
- Set the font for creating fine lines randomly rough surfaces
- 10 image background for the use of dark colors and dark arts as a whole or individual (any combination of these images are from 10 to 15 different layers)
- Collection of Style or the Blenmode the help of the simple ways they can edit. Both in terms of color and shadows and then. The graphic styles depending on your tastes and creativity have created beautiful images.
- A collection of 110 items with the dead bodies, bullets and guns to the pipes, of non-regularly, to include all kinds of mechanical tools.
- Top of the pen name for a variety of metals, METAL, bevel wheels, wire, bar codes, symbols, numbers, and ...
- A set called Urban Urban grunge fonts
- Over 40 fonts with flames and fire (along with electronic files for learning how to create special effects)
- 651 series Pens with Floral titles are certainly familiar with them. You can set the images of flowers, lines, circles regularly, very nice effects for graphics use. Each item in this collection are designed with high quality that they can use for print jobs.
- A collection brushes with fog and steam
- A pen with a space
- A pen with signs and guides
- A collection brushes with nature and the Earth Germany
- And ...
- With an infinite set of Pattern on any issue that may need to find them in the life of a graphic artist.

Download :
Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5 | Part6 | Part7 | Part8
Part9 | Part10 | Part11 | Part12 | Part13 | Part14 | Part15 | Part16 | Part17
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