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Video2brain - HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

Description : Premium Download Video2brain - HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5: Learn by Video English | Duration: 7h 37m | H264 ... 4.5
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Video2brain - HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5: Learn by Video
English | Duration: 7h 37m | H264 | 1024x576 15fps 100Kbps | AAC 44.1KHz 96Kbps | 616MB
Genre: eLearning
Build Websites for Today and Tomorrow
With HTML5 and CSS3 bursting onto the scene far more quickly than anticipated and the rapid spread of web-enabled smartphones and tablets, designing and building a website has suddenly become more complex. Fortunately, javascript libraries like jQuery reconcile browser incompatibilities and make light work of adding dynamic features, and Dreamweaver CS5.5 has risen to the challenge by providing the tools you need to build modern websites with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. In this course, experienced author and trainer David Powers explains which parts of HTML5 and CSS3 you can use now and how to convert existing pages to HTML5 or build new ones from scratch. You’ll learn how to adapt a website that was originally designed for desktop computers so that it works properly on mobile phones and tablets and how to use CSS media queries to apply different styles depending on screen width, viewing the changes in real time in Dreamweaver´s Live view. You’ll also learn the basics of jQuery and how to use it to enhance forms, how to create CSS3 effects without images, how to choose the right CSS selector, and much more.

The advent of HTML5 and CSS3, combined with the growing popularity of web-enabled smartphones and tablets, have made this an exciting and challenging time to be a web developer. This video course addresses these challenges and opportunities with the help of the javascript library jQuery and an impressive range of new features in Dreamweaver CS5.5. The contents of this course include:

Introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery
This chapter sets the scene for the rest of the course with a brief overview of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and the new features in Dreamweaver CS5.5.

Using the Right Tools in Dreamweaver CS5.5
This set of videos describes the most important parts of the Dreamweaver user interface that will be used in this course. Even if you’re an experienced Dreamweaver user, it’s worth checking them out.

Practical HTML5
This chapter looks at the main new features in HTML5 and offers practical advice on which ones can be immediately incorporated into websites without creating problems for older browsers.

Everyday CSS Selectors
A strong understanding of CSS selectors is essential not only for styling a website, but also for working with jQuery. This chapter serves as a refresher on the most important selectors, including many that you might have overlooked because they weren’t supported by Internet Explorer 6.

CSS3 Effects Without Images
These videos demonstrate how to add visual flourishes to your designs by using CSS3 properties to add transparency, drop shadows, and simple animations. You’ll also learn how to embed web fonts in your pages.

CSS3 Backgrounds
This section describes the new background properties in CSS3, which include the ability to scale background images and to control the area covered by a background.

CSS Media Queries for Phones, Tablets, and Desktops
This series of videos walks you through a case study that uses CSS media queries to optimize for mobile phones and tablets a website that was originally designed for viewing on a desktop computer. It’s recommended that you view them in the order they are presented in order to follow the logical progression.

Advanced CSS Selectors
This chapter looks at advanced selectors, most of which have been added in CSS3. With the exception of the :first-child pseudo-class, they are not supported by IE 6-8. However, knowing these selectors is important for working with jQuery.

Introduction to jQuery
This chapter covers the fundamentals of working with the jQuery javascript framework. We’ll begin with a javascript refresher and then explore the jQuery javascript library.

Enhancing Forms with jQuery
In this chapter you’ll learn how to improve online forms with jQuery by showing and hiding elements in response to the user’s choices.

Download :
1.Introduction.rar | 21.0M   
2.Using.the.Righttool | 42.3M    
3.Practical.HTML5 | 47.1M    
4.Everyday.CSS.Selectors | 41.7M    
5.CSS3.Effects.without.Images | 41.9M    
6.CSS3.Backgrounds | 17.3M    
7.CSS.Media.Queries | 54.9M    
8.Advanced.CSS.Selectors | 38.2M | 52.5M    
10.Enhancing.Form.with.jQuery | 18.1M   
Welcoming.files    9.9M   
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