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Flash and ActionScript Video Tutorials from The FlashBlog with Lee Brimelow (2008 to 2011)

Description : Free Download Flash and ActionScript Video Tutorials  from The FlashBlog with Lee Brimelow (2008 to 2011) Genre : Video Training ... 4.5
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Free Download
Flash and ActionScript Video Tutorials 
from The FlashBlog with Lee Brimelow (2008 to 2011)
Genre : Video Training
English | MOV | 900x675 | 22050Hz 96 kbps | 3.43 Gb

All the video tutorials from the site They reveal the various secrets of the program AdobeF Flash (CS4, CS3), the joint use are Adobe Flash, along with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flex, After Effects, and others. Integrating PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS in flash as well as object-oriented programming in ActionScript, and much, much more....


Building Games with Flixel - Part 1
This tutorial is the first in a series that introduces you to the Flixel game framework.
Length: 33:40

Introduction to Isometric 3D - Part 2
In this tutorial I show you how to import custom artwork into your isometric scene.
Length: 22:17

Introduction to Isometric 3D - Part 1
Learn how to create isometric 3D worlds for games using the open-source as3isolib library.
Length: 23:17

Physics with Box2D and WCK
Learn how to use the Box2D physics engine inside Flash CS5 using the World Construction Kit.
Length: 14:36

Introduction to StageVideo
Learn how to use the new StageVideo API to greatly improve the performance of your video.
Length: 16:42

Developing iOS Applications on Windows
Learn how to set up your development environment to build iOS apps on Windows.
Length: 18:53

AIR for Android GPU Acceleration
Learn how to optimize your Android applications by taking advantage hardware acceleration.
Length: 15:55

Publishing AIR for Android Applications
See me build and publish an AIR for Android application on the market in around 6 minutes.
Length: 6:23

Detecting Mobile Device Capabilities
Learn how to use the Tera-WURFL API to detect device capabilities at runtime.
Length: 17:46

Introduction to OSMF
Learn the basics of how to create a simple video player using the Open Source Media Framework.
Length: 19:30

Flash to HTML5 Video Fallback
Learn how to provide an HTML5 fallback option for devices that dont support the Flash Player.
Length: 14:36

Mobile Website Development
Learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5 to create a mobile-optimized site using HTML and CSS.
Length: 33:33

AIR 2.0 Native Process - Part 2
In part two we integrate the C application with an AIR front-end.
Length: 33:09

AIR 2.0 Native Process - Part 1
In this tutorial I show you how to build a command-line application in Cto take screenshots.
Length: 18:42

AIR for Android - Part 2
In this tutorial I show you how to access the camera on your Android device.
Length: 13:35

AIR for Android - Part 1
In this first tutorial I show you how to setup your development environment with Flash CS5.
Responding to Raw Touch Data
Learn how to use touch mode to respond to the raw touch data in Flash Player 10.1.
Length: 14:05

Two Minute Flex 4 Application
Learn how to use the new data features to build a Twitter search app in less than 2 minutes.
Length: 2:41

ByteArray Image Decoding
Learn how to parse and display a BMP image in the Flash Player using the ByteArray class.
Length: 30:14

Multi Touch Gesture Applications
Learn how to use the new gesture support in Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0.
Length: 23:52

Sneak Peak of Flash CS5
Learn about all of the new features coming in Flash CS5 in addition to the iPhone workflow.
Length: 32:19

Building iPhone Applications with Flash
Learn how to use Flash CS5 to compile your Flash applications into native iPhone applications.
Length: 14:50

ActionScript 3 Performance Testing
Learn how to use Grant Skinners PerformanceTest class to test your codes speed.
Length: 28:28

Augmented Reality with FLARManager
Learn how to use the FLARManager library to make creating AR applications a breeeze.
Length: 31:48

Flash Builder 4 Data Integration
Learn how easily you can connect your Flex applications to server-side data in Flash Builder 4.
Length: 11:16

SWF Framerate Optimization
Learn to how dynamically change your movies framerate to use only the resources it needs.
Length: 17:57

Flash Catalyst and Flex 4: Part 2
In part 2 we import the project into Flash Builder 4 to hook it up to some live data.
Length: 15:51

Flash Catalyst and Flex 4: Part 1
This two part tutorial shows you how to use Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4.
Length: 21:45

Debugging with MonsterDebugger
Learn how to debug your Flash movies at runtime with this great debugging tool.
Length: 15:26

Custom Flex Preloader
Learn how to create a completely customized Flex preloader using Flash CS4.
Length: 19:38

Deep Linking with SWFAddress
Learn how to use the SWFAddress library to enable direct and deep linking for you Flash movie.
Length: 19:05

Papervision3D Collada Basics
Learn how to create a collada model in Blender with textures for import into Papervision3D.
Length: 22:38

Introduction to Augmented Reality
Learn the basics of creating an AR application using the FLARToolKit. Not recommended for beginners.
Length: 37:33

Google Maps with Flex & PHP
Learn how to easily create customized mapping applications using Flex and PHP.
Length: 27:31

3D Photo Panels
Learn how to create a nice 3D hover and scale effect using the new features in Flash Player 10.
Length: 30:40

Runtime Font Loading
Learn the best practices method of creating and using external font SWF files using Flash CS4.
Length: 15:33

Introduction to Flex: Part 3
In this part I explain how to improve the look of the application by incorporating styles and skins.
Length: 14:58

Introduction to Flex: Part 2
In part 2 we create a custom Flex component and use it as an item renderer for the List control.
Length: 14:23

Introduction to Flex: Part 1
Learn how to use the Flex framework to create a simple Twitter search application.
Length: 24:59

3D Flash Video Without Code
Learn how to use the new 3D features in Flash CS4 to create 3D video with no code whatsoever.
Length: 17:39

Making Phone Calls with Ribbit
Learn how to use the Ribbit API to make phone calls directly from your Flash and Flex applications.
Length: 19:59

Parallax Photo Effect
Learn how to create this subtle 3D effect that is widely used in documentary filmmaking.
Length: 16:03

Animating Pixel Bender Filters
Learn how to animate the parameters of a Pixel Bender filter using a tweening library.
Length: 20:58

Customizing Flex Builder for Flash
Learn how to add a great snippets panel to Flex Builder and make it optimized for Flash.
Length: 12:34

Green Screen Video Fundamentals
Learn how to key out video footage in After Effects and then exporting it for Flash.
Length: 11:31

Click and Zoom 3D Carousel
Learn how to create a true 3D carousel using the new features inside of Flash Player 10.
Length: 35:28

Interactive 3D Video Flip
Learn how to use the new 3D features in Flash Player 10 to create a 3d video flipper.
Length: 22:38

Introduction to ZendAMF
Learn the basics of retrieving database content using this new PHP framework.
Length: 19:37

Flash QuickTime Exporting
Learn how to export ActionScript-based animations to Flash and then composite in After Effects.
Length: 17:24

Advanced Motion Editor and Presets
Learn how to use the new motion editor to create animations and save them as presets.
Length: 09:08

Flash CS4 Feature Tour
Take a tour of some of the most exciting new features coming in Flash CS4 Professional.
Length: 19:04

Preloading in ActionScript 3
Learn the cleanest, most reliable method of preloading your ActionScript 3 movies.
Length: 14:25

Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 2
This part shows you how to export a Pixel Bender filter, load it into Flash, and applying it to an image.
Length: 17:36

Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 1
Learn the basics of creating Pixel Bender filters using the Pixel Bender Toolkit.
Length: 30:28

The Throw Slider
Learn how to take an ordinary slider and apply throw physics to it.
Length: 27:42

Getting Started With AIR on Linux
In this tutorial Mike Chambers explains the basics of how to get setup with AIR on Linux.
Length: 08:19

Introduction to AMFPHP: Part 2
In this tutorial I show you how to directly return database records to Flash using AMFPHP.
Length: 15:27

Introduction to AMFPHP: Part 1
Learn how to install AMFPHP and create a simple service that sends email.
Length: 24:29

Embedding Flash with SWFObject 2.0
Learn how to use SWFObject to embed Flash content into HTML pages.
Length: 16:11

Flash Player 10 Beta: FileReference
Learn how to read and write local files using the new methods of the FileReference class.
Length: 14:47

Flash Player 10 Beta: Dynamic Sound
Learn how to dynamically create sounds using the new features in Astro.
Length: 11:48

Flash Player 10 Beta: 3D
Learn how to take ordinary display objects into the third dimension in Astro.
Length: 12:42

Flash Player 10 Beta: Getting Started
This tutorial shows you how to get started with creating content for Flash Player 10.
Length: 13:24

Object-Oriented Scrollbar: Part 2
In part 2 youll take the timeline code from part 1 and abstract it into reusable ActionScript classes.
Length: 26:35

Object-Oriented Scrollbar: Part 1
In part 1 youll learn how to create a smooth-scrolling scrollbar prototype on the timeline.
Length: 28:43

Ethical SWF Decompiling
Learn how decompiling can help you understand what Flash does behind the scenes.
Length: 11:49

Binary Socket Fundamentals
Learn how to use low-level binary sockets to connect to a POP3 mail server using ActionScript 3.
Length: 18:15

Papervision3D 2.0 Interactive Cube
This tutorial shows you how to use Papervision3D 2.0 to create an interactive cube navigator.
Length: 23:39

Advanced After Effects and Flash
Learn how to create some slick animated buttons using After Effects and Flash.
Length: 24:52

Building Custom Flash Panels
This tutorial shows you how to extend Flash by creating custom panels.
Length: 23:50

ActionScript 3 Advanced XML
This tutorial shows you advanced XML features while building a Kuler theme viewer.
Length: 24:50

ActionScript 3 XML Basics
This tutorial shows how to use the new XML features in AS3 by creating a simple RSS reader.
Length: 20:09

Advanced Filter Effects
This tutorial shows you how to create some dazzling filter effects with ActionScript 3.
Length: 17:11

Sound Spectrum Display
Learn how to read and display waveform data from your sound files using ActionScript 3.
Length: 20:32

ActionScript 3 Sound Basics
Learn all you need to know about playing and managing sound in ActionScript 3.
Length: 17:10

Using Flex for Flash ActionScript
In this tutorial I show you how you can use Flex for editing code in your Flash projects.
Length: 14:08

ActionScript 3 Video Basics
This is an update to the Video Basics series focusing on the differences in AS3.
Length: 11:53

Animating with Tweener
This tutorial shows how to use the Tweener AS3 library for creating simple animations.
Length: 13:31

Webcams, PNGs, and AIR
Build an AIR application that takes webcam shots and saves them to the desktop.
Length: 16:21

Using the Document Class
how to use this new feature in Flash CS3 which makes OOP much easier.
Length: 16:11

Drag and Drop in AIR
Learn how to drag and drop files from the desktop onto your AIR applications.
Length: 15:07

Developing AIR in Flash
In this tutorial I show you how you can develop AIR using Flash CS3 Professional.
Length: 15:01

Basics of Papervision3D
This tutorial goes over the basics how to use the Papervision3D library.
Length: 20:35

Flash MP3 Player: Part 3
In part three we use some object-oriented programming to finish the player.
Length: 19:12

Flash MP3 Player: Part 2
In part two I show how to create some simple controls for the player.
Length: 21:58

Flash MP3 Player: Part 1
In part one I show you how to setup the XML and the sound player.
Length: 18:42

Advanced Fuse Animation
We take Fuse one step further and use it to create some random particle effects.
Length: 19:55

Animating with Fuse
Learn how to install and use this amazing new animation and sequencing system.
Length: 24:09

Creating 3D Carousels: Part 3
In part 3 we animate our carousel and create a mini, interactive Flash site
Length: 31:57

Creating 3D Carousels: Part 2
In part 2 we dynamically create carousel items using XML and show tooltips.
Length: 31:26

Creating 3D Carousels: Part 1
Learn how to create slick looking 3D carousels using Actionscript.
Length: 32:16

Full Browser Flash
Learn how create full browser Flash movies by using the Stage class.
Length: 18:14

Using Custom Classes
Learn how to find, organize and implement external Actionscript classes.
Length: 20:39

Sound Driven Animation
Learn how to export audio amplitude data from After Effects for use in Flash.
Length: 26:46

Write On Text Effect
Learn this common ActionScript text animation technique. Use it wisely.
Length: 17:37

Introduction to OOP
Learn the basics of doing object-oriented programming in ActionScript 2.
Length: 10:44

Bitmap Data Class 1
Learn the basics of using this exciting new ActionScript class for bitmap manipulation.
Length: 18:41

Creating Animated Buttons
This tutorial shows how to created animated buttons from MovieClips.
Length: 14:49

External SWF Preloading
Learn how to preload external SWF files with the MovieClipLoader class.
Length: 19:12

Flash 8 Filter Animation
Learn how to animate the new filters in Flash 8 using Actionscript.
Length: 17:27

Scrolling Thumbnail Panel
Learn how to create a scrolling panel of thumbnails that react to the users mouse.
Length: 17:45

The Drawing API
Learn how to use the ActionScript drawing API to create an interactive application.
Length: 17:55

Creating Flash Tooltips
Learn how to create interactive tooltips for buttons and other objects inside of Flash.
Length: 20:14

The Tree Component
Learn how to use this versatile component driven by external XML.
Length: 19:58

XML Video Playlist
Learn how to create an XML-driven video playlist for FLV files.
Length: 16:15

Flash and XML
Learn the basics of how to incorporate XML into your Flash movies.
Length: 16:02

Video Player Interface
Learn how to use Photoshop to create a slick looking video player interface.
Length: 07:30

The Key Class
This tutorial explains how to respond to keyboard events in Actionscript.
Length: 13:40

Sending Mail with PHP
Learn how to create a contact form in Flash that sends email using PHP.
Length: 24:28

PHP, MySQL, and Flash
Learn how to integrate database content into your Flash movies using PHP and MySQL.
Length: 22:23

Flash Sound Design
Learn how to use Adobe Audition to create custom sound effects for Flash.
Length: 11:33

Advanced Flash Preloader
Learn how to properly preload Flash movies that use components.
Length: 10:51

Basic Flash Preloader
Learn the basics of creating a preloader for basic Flash movies.
Length: 13:12

Flash, HTML, and CSS
Learn how to incorporate external HTML and CSS into your Flash movies.
Length: 08:25

Flash Math: Part 2
Learn how to use proximity to add interactivity to your movies.
Length: 22:20

Flash Math: Part 1
In this tutorial well begin to explore Flashs powerful Math functions.
Length: 12:23

The Tween Class
Learn how to use the Tween class that is built into the ActionScript 2 language.
Length: 15:39

Drag, Slide, Fade
Learn to use this easy and powerful class library written by Brendan Dawes.
Length: 08:48

V2 Component Skinning
Learn how to skin the v2 components found inside of earlier versions of Flash.
Length: 14:00

Custom Easing Tool
Learn how to use this custom Flash extension to create better motion tweens
Length: 12:34

After Effects and Flash 1
This tutorial shows how you can create text animations in After Effects for Flash.
Length: 12:23

Flash Inspiration 1
This video shows some of the best places to go for Flash inspiration.
Length: 02:50

Creating Random Motion
Learn how to use actionscript to create random motion in your movies.
Length: 16:10

Video Encoding Basics
Learn the basics of encoding video into the FLV format. Sorenson Squeeze is used.
Length: 23:09

Accordion Video Application
Learn how to create a cool video application using the Accordion component.
Length: 23:40

The Running Man
Learn how to do character animation in Poser for use inside of your Flash movies.
Length: 05:36

3D Logo Animation
Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Swift 3D to create a 3D logo animation.
Length: 06:16

Flash Video Basics 8
Learn to control the audio of your external FLV files by creating a mute button.
Length: 10:00

Flash Video Basics 7
In this tutorial well add a custom context menu to our player.
Length: 09:24

Flash Video Basics 6
In this tutorial well add a buffering video message to our player.
Length: 08:39

Flash Video Basics 5
In this tutorial we will make the scrubber bar earn its name.
Length: 09:43

Flash Video Basics 4
Now well begin building the scrub and progress features of our player.
Length: 07:03

Flash Video Basics 3
In this tutorial we create a dynamic load bar for our video
Length: 07:35

Flash Video Basics 2
In this episode well add a pause and rewind button to our video.
Length: 10:49

Flash Video Basics 1
This tutorial introduces you to using FLV files in your Flash movies.
Length: 06:13

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