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3DTotal Textures V16 - "Architectural Showroom" Free Download

Description : Free Download 3DTotal Textures V16 - "Architectural Showroom"  - 601 MB - INTRODUCTION : Total Textures V16 – "... 4.5
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Free Download
3DTotal Textures V16 - "Architectural Showroom" 
- 601 MB -

Total Textures V16 – "Architectural Showroom" is full of great showroom textures, perfect for really finishing those architectural renders to the highest standards with as little effort as possible.
This DVD contains 134 texture maps comprising of over 545 individual, hand-crafted texture maps which are all fully tileable. Each texture has been hand crafted from 100% original photography, made seamless where required, and each has their own unique bump and specular maps. Each texture is also totally flexible and can be used in many projects - architectural or otherwise.
Product details
Texture format: jpeg, tiff,
Average texture resolution: 1600 x 1600
Interface: HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages
Browser: Compatible with all browsers
Computer: PC and Mac compatible
Format: Texture DVD
The DVD contains the following:
• 545 individual texture maps
• 134 colour texture maps
• 134 matching bump maps
• 134 -matching specular maps
• 36 fabric and upholstery textures
• 7 marble textures
• 3 rugs
• 15 stone textures
• 25 tile textures
• 23 wall textures
• 21 wood textures
• 4 misc textures 
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